Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer School Gets Tropical!

Summer School!
I am taking three classes at the 'Make it in Design Summer School'.  Here are my submissions for the first round of assignments!
The Beginner track participants were to design a tropical themed pattern using your own color palette and I chose to explore a summer fruit theme!
I drew the fruit shapes with a black marker on copy paper and then scanned them into Photoshop where I added my chosen color palette. When the fruit shapes were assembled I opened a new file and created a scattered overall pattern!
©2014 Patty Rybolt Designs. Beginner Track, Brief 1.
The Intermediate track theme was 'Retro Geometric'! Designers were to create a retro inspired pattern using a provided color palette, large scale motifs and strong geometric shapes.
I drew these graphic shapes on my iPad with the Adobe Ideas App. and then opened them in photoshop where I added the required color palette to the shapes. I opened a new file and arranged a pattern and added the green dots for interest. I repeated the process for the coordinating retro inspired stripe. It was suggested that designers mock up the patterns on a swimsuit, so I found a few retro swimsuit shapes that I liked and combined them to design the shape below!
©2014 Patty Rybolt Designs. Intermediate Track, Brief 1.
The Advanced track theme was 'Water Rays'. Design a water inspired pattern using four colors and black and white, one large motif in the pattern had to be combined with smaller ones and a textured layer should be included (I used the waves in the background). 
My take on this theme was to incorporate the tropical mangrove leaves over a water scene. I drew the leaves by hand with india ink and a brush and then scanned them into photoshop where I colored them and layered a small pattern of dots on top. The waves on the bottom layer are from photo's of the ocean simplified and enlarged. I finished the presentation by mocking-up the design on a pillow!
     ©2014 Patty Rybolt Designs. Advanced Track, Brief 1.

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