Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Earth Day 'Everyday' Tote

The Earth Day 'cut & sew' bag...
Spoonflower started their challenge this week with this statement… 'Did you know that the United States alone uses approximately 100 billion new plastic bags every single year?'
The Earth Day 'Everyday' Tote
©2014 Patty Rybolt Designs. All Rights Reserved.

thin plus (deep sea)
©2014 Patty Rybolt Designs.
All Rights Reserved.
dotty dot natural (deep sea)
©2014 Patty Rybolt Designs.
 All Rights Reserved. 

dotty dot natural
 (lt.  aqua, deep sea + leaf)
©2014 Patty Rybolt Designs.
 All Rights Reserved. 

thin plus 
©2014 Patty Rybolt Designs.
All Rights Reserved. 
  To honor Earth Day 2014, Spoonflower asked their army of artists to create a cut & sew pattern for a reusable shopping bag.
  The first decision that I made was to pick the fabric that I wanted to use. Fabric strength for a bag is important so I chose Heavy Cotton Twill fabric. My 1-yard pattern is 58" x 36".
  Next, I wanted to design a large useful bag, one that I would use when my girls and I go to the farmers market on Sunday. I like the hobo style and first designed an outline of  the shape that I wanted to use, then copied it and pasted it on my 58" x 36" Photoshop file.
  The fabric design is a simple pattern taken from my india ink paintings of dots and pine branch bits that were scanned and manipulated in Photoshop.   The 'thin plus' pattern was designed in the same way.
  The layout of the logo was designed and placed, and finally the directions for assembling the bag.
  I can't wait to get my sample pattern for this one, I will post the process and final bag here when it arrives!!
  Voting starts on Thursday, April 17th, 2014. Please Vote!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lilies for Spring!

'Lily + Palm' ©2014 Patty Rybolt Designs. All Rights Reserved.
Lilies are a sure sign that Spring is here! This week at Spoonflower, designers were asked to celebrate Spring and Easter with patterns that included the Lily!
This week I wanted to keep it simple. I drew a ton of lilies and lily of the valley icons. Then as usual some birds worked their way into my sketches. I just can't resist adding a few happy birds whenever I can. I added palm branches as a way to give my pattern structure, then some hydrangea petals for a spot of color. Only minimal details were added to keep it… simple!
Design preview is in a quarter yard (21" x 18"). Voting starts on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 and will continue until Thursday, April 17th, 2014! Please Vote!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


'Baby Beluga's Birthday'
©2014 Patty Rybolt Designs. All Rights Reserved.
This week in the  Spoonflower design contest… whales!  
The restricted palette this week helped to determine the direction of this assignment. The colors felt like a baby palette, so I kept that in mind when I drew my whales. 
restricted color palette
I researched the subject matter and looked for references and then drew a ton of whales and other sea creatures. I had in mind that my whales would be white (baby Beluga, Moby Dick, etc.) and I would use the blue to be the background. The tan color was to give detail in the pattern background (the seaweed/coral shapes), and I wanted to use the dusty pink color as a pop element (the octopus and starfish). I chose to eliminate the bright pink because it didn't go with the feeling of the other colors provided.
I drew elements in my sketchbook and on my iPad in the Adobe Ideas App, and opened the images in Photoshop. I colored and arranged the elements into a pattern of whales. Added the octopus characters, then the wave shapes, anchors, seaweed and the starfish. Finally, I added the party hats and birthday cake. 

All designs submitted had to use this restricted palette (21" x 18"). Voting starts on Thursday, April 3rd, 2014, and continues until Thursday, April 10th, 2014. Please Vote!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

'Wellies and Umbrellies' for Spoonflower!

April showers bring May flowers! This week's challenge was to design a fabric to celebrate the trusty rubber boot!
'Wellies and Umbrellies'   ©2014 Patty Rybolt Designs.
This concept came easy to me this week. I live in beautiful south Florida and am surrounded by amazing birds year round. I am constantly photographing, drawing and watching birds. (I took the photo's below).
Two sandhill cranes - backyard 
An egret with rosette
spoonbills - local pond

Flamingo - Palm Beach Zoo
Ibis - pond

rainy season rainbow - backyard
Egret - backyard photo
 The weather is gorgeous right now but in rainy season the only creatures happy to be in the rain are the birds. 
I decided to incorporate the boots and birds with rain and some fun umbrellas. I was excited to use some of my sketches from my iPad's Adobe Ideas App. I drew some wellies, umbrellas, rain, clouds, flowers and accessories for my characters like the bathing cap, glasses, and hats to give them personality. 
When the drawings were done I imported them Photoshop on my main computer and assembled them with color and pattern in layers, almost like a collage. When my characters were complete I made a repeat of the rain and clouds and added my characters!
Previews will be sized as a fat quarter (21" x 18"). Voting starts Thursday, March 27th, 2014 and continues until Thursday, April 4th, 2014. Please vote!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

'Today's Special' for MATS Bootcamp!

Just submitted my March assignment 'Today's Special', for Lilla Roger's MATS Bootcamp!
'Today's Special'
©2014 Patty Rybolt Designs
This month… My take on Jello! I liked the idea of the 50's and 60's jello molded salads. My mom had the old copper molds hanging on our kitchen wall when I grew up. My husband Terry had them in his house as well, and we have his mom's molds in our kitchen! (Not on the wall yet, but maybe someday!)
I also designed three coordinates for this bolt fabric  that will be displayed on my website. will be live within the next two weeks!! I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The 'Robot Project'

©2014 Patty Rybolt Designs
Spoonflower's design for this week...
'should be inspired by scenes from a school science fair.'
Over the years my girls participated in many science fairs… I remember Olivia cooking hot dogs in a homemade oven made out of tin foil and using only the heat of the sun.
Hanna put dye in the water of white flowers to see if the color would wick up the stems and change the color of the flowers (it worked).There were many, many more that I must have blocked out of my memory.
I was thinking, if mom's could have a science fair project, what would I make? The answer was simple, design robots to do my chores! I  thought this concept worked for moms as well as kids, and I went with it.
I started with the graph paper look to make the drawings appear to be in a notebook. Drew tons of robot parts, arms, legs, gears, etc. and assembled my robots in photoshop. When my robots were assembled I put my pattern together and filled the open spaces with spare parts.
Here is 'The Robot Project'...

Previews are sized as a fat quarter (21" x 18"). Voting starts Thursday, March 20th, 2014, and continues until Thursday, March 27th, 2014. Please Vote!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

'Bedtime Magic' at Spoonflower!

Spoonflower's design challenge this week is all about bedtime! The routines we go through to put the little ones to bed are full of 'ritual, song, story, special objects and spaces'.
'Bedtime Magic' ©2014 Patty Rybolt Designs
When our girls were little they loved the reading portion of their bedtime routine the best. We started with picture books then moved onto 'The Big Red Kite', and other Berenstain Bear books.
Stan & Jan Berenstain!
Mark Brown!
 'Arthur' books by Mark Brown were huge and as they got a little older my husband read the 'Kit' books to them from American Girl.
American Girl - Kit!
I always thought this time with the girls was magical. Good stories could take you wherever you wanted to go.

My first thought on a design for this theme was of magic carpets, so I went with it. I started like I usually do, by researching online and in catalogues. Checked out the kids beds and bedding and started drawing. I wanted to put a bed on a magic carpet and include side tables, and accesories needed for bedtime like lamps, drinks of water or milk, slippers and a pet. I know bedtime stories didn't happen without our black lab Midnight by the bed.
Most drawings were done in my sketchbook and on my iPad and opened in photoshop where I layered the images in the color palette that was required. I designed 3 bed vignettes and thought that they worked best in a half drop layout. When the pattern was complete I added the slippers, books and animals to complete the warm bedtime feel. The stars and moon shapes were added to finish the pattern repeat!
All designs submitted had to use the restricted 'bedtime' palette, and previews were shown at half quarter size (21" x 18"). Deadline for entry was March 4th, 2014.
Spoonflower's restricted palette for the bedtime challenge.
Voting starts on Thursday, March 6th 2014 and will go through Thursday, March 13th 2014. Please vote!