Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Riviera Tee from Storey Publishing

Under the Sea (One-Yard Wonders). 
Spoonflower partnered with Storey, publishers of the One-Yard Wonders books, for a new contest idea. A nautically inspired 101 Little One-Yard Wonders fabric design contest. Rebecca Yaker, one of the One-Yard Wonders authors, provided a pattern for the Riviera Tee to download. I downloaded the file, added my own design to the pattern, then uploaded the pattern with my design on it to Spoonflower, and entered the contest. 
This pattern comes in a size 8 girls... so naturally I thought Mermaids, seahorses and starfish! What 7 year old girl doesn't love this theme? It screams Under The Sea!!
The winner will have their design published in the newest in Storey’s bestselling One-Yard Wonders series: the upcoming 101 Little One-Yard Wonders. 
Voting starts on November 29th!   

Matisse "Magic Carpet" Textile (Nasher)

This week the requirements were as follows for the Nasher / Matisse Contest. Spoonflower partnered with The Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University to hold a contest with the goal of designing a textile that would look at home in a Nasher-Matisse Contest PaletteMatisse painting like the ones currently on display as part of the Nasher's exhibition on the Cone sisters of Baltimore. (Using the specified color palette: RGB hex codes: #DE8371, #C33855, #D1CC56, #2E486B, #FFFFFF).
The textiles in the Matisse era were very ornate. His simplification of those designs are both whimsical and a great representation of the textile itself. I chose to do a carpet -like pattern in a "simplified-ornate" design. ©2012 Patty Rybolt Designs

Extra Posts...

I missed posting to my blog last week(broke my shoulder riding my bike), so I am trying to get caught up with a few posts this week!

Flights of Fancy Contest

A Fancy Feathery Flock! ...was my entry for The SPOONFLOWER FABRIC OF THE WEEK CONTEST for NOVEMBER 21, 2012.

This design was palette restricted to the four colors you see here. I decided to keep it light with a group of loosely illustrated foul, branch bits and leaves.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Holiday Cocktail Napkin Set

This week... Holiday Cocktail Napkins! My illustrations are hand drawn and then scanned into Photoshop where they were 'cleaned up' and colored. Each of the 12 napkins are a printed 5"sq. and will be 4.5" sq. after sewing (with the 1/4" seam allowance). I liked the idea of adding a burlap texture to the edges of each napkin to unify the collection and am going to back each one with real burlap when I receive the finished fabric.
Each fat quarter ($11.00) will make 12 napkins, or a yard of fabric ($18.00) will give you 48 napkins... great economical hostess or teacher gifts, and you can give them in groups of 4, 6 or 12!! (follow my link or just click on the flower icon right here on my blog to go right to my Spoonflower page where you can purchase this fabric!) ...Happy...Merry ...Joy and best of all ...Cheers!!

Pirate Hero Fabric

The contest at Spoonflower last week was to come up with a fabric design for boys age 6-12 with a hero theme. I came up with Pirates. Pirates are not typically considered heroes, but these guys got tired of doing what Pirates do, so they started a Puppy Rescue!!