Thursday, September 19, 2013

Asterisk Quilt* Blocks!! ...From My 'Country Fresh' Modern Quilt Collection!

It was my turn to pick a block for our 'block party' group and I loved the idea of an 'asterisk' quilt block using my fabrics mixed with coordinating solids and any solid grey. The blocks are to be a finished size of 16.5" x 18.5".  
We meet again on September 21st and I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

These are the progression of my blocks...

Block #1

...choosing fabrics

I cut my block on a diagonal.
Added a second strip to make an X.

After adding my third strip, auditioning strip #4.

Cut this area away to reduce bulk and multiple seems.

Trimmed up the asterisk block and added fabric
 on 3 sides to complete the 16.5 x 18.5" block!

And here is how Block #2 progressed... 

Block 2 started with a square of solid fabric.

Auditioned Asterisk in my pattern of choice.

Added my strips and then cut out the bulky
center piece to make room for strip #4.

Added piece #4 and trimmed my rough edges.

Surrounded my Asterisk piece with solid grey and trimmed the block.
Added the top piece to the block and trimmed.
Machine appliqué an additional Asterisk on a
square of solid tangerine fabric and pieced it in a strip
on one of the edges, and added the final
strip to the right of the block.
Finally trimmed the block to the finished size of 16.5 x 18.5".
On Saturday I get to see what the rest of the 'Block Party' group members came up with for their Asterisk Blocks!! I can't wait!! I'll share pictures of their blocks next week! These fabrics from my new collection were designed in these colors specifically for my Modern Quilt Guild in Jupiter Florida! All of the fabrics are a part of my 'Country Fresh' Modern Quilt Collection. (Available Here)


  1. Hi! Patty :) Loved working with your fabrics! It was fun making a block you U . Cant wait til you bring the quilt for show and tell :)
    Bye for now
    see you in blogland

  2. Thanks Marta, you did a wonderful job on your asterisk block, it was great! I'm still waiting on one more then I'm going to post everyone's block designs. It was fun to see how many different ways that a block could be designed with the same instructions given to everyone!
    see you soon... :)